Gala, the traditional espresso machine seré/dondossola designed for the historical Italian brand Brasilia (It).

"The true aroma of simplicity."
We tell stories without using words when we design a product.



Rito is our first professional espresso machine designed to relaunch the historical Italian brand Brasilia (It).

"Its leading edge design combines appealing aesthetics with practical features, maximum reliability, and brewing solutions that can be adapted to each individual blend: this new line is the ideal solution for all those coffee shops where a quality espresso is truly a ritual."



Bianchi Industry planned to relaunch the historical brand Brasilia. After 15 years of absence on the market, we were asked to design the first professional espresso machine for them. The input was clear: start from zero and put Brasilia back on the map.

RITO-venditalia2016 (30).jpg


We worked in close collaboration with their great in-house team. Communication is key when handling such a complex project in a very short amount of time. We ensured a smoothly running process where all the involved parties had a clear view on the direction of the project at any time. Translating and managing all the incoming information and requests from different departments into feasible solutions are exactly where we deliver value.


Moda is a super automatic espresso machine designed for Brasilia (It).

Moda, the simplest solution for the most complex needs.


Moda is designed with the end users in mind and matches all the requests and wishes from the client into a product that fits perfectly the newly created image of Brasilia.



You don't need to be a barista to make a perfect espresso, simply follow the instructions on the large LCD display.
Internal components are easy to reach thanks to the U-shaped inox back that simply slides in and out when needed.




Octa is a contemporary vision of a light structure that fits in every scenario thanks to its unique look. The apparently easy shape is unveiling itself as a contrast of darkness-light, full-light, up-down. 2,5 meters of warm white led stripes lay in a sandwich of black anodized aluminium frame and white lexan. It is an iconic shape and a perfect marriage between the technical need to cool down the LED’s and the aesthetical slim design.

1-OCTA-seredondossola (4).jpg

With three connection points it’s possible to position the lamp in different ways, creating a new look and feeling in no time. The particular part of this product is that it has no upper side or limits. Depending on the viewing angle, the design of the lamp goes from very simple and clean to a complex structure where it’s difficult to distinguish the two rectangular shapes it is composed from.


The starting idea was to create a minimalistic and timeless design being able to emotion both from far and from close. Matte black has been chosen to focus on shape, simplicity and details of its strong design. We believe a product with a minimalistic and architectural character can change completely its appeal and the environment where it is.

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A minimalistic armchair that groups together the purity of its shape and the craftmanship of the artisan. Completely made out of oak, shaded in wengé-colour with a matt soft touch finishing.

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SD/terracotta exist out of three dishes, all in their own colour and with a different height. The initial idea was to group in a timeless and modern shape the tast of tradition. The minimalistic approach allows to create a compostion of an irregular, colourfull and contrasting pattern once placed on top of each other. SD/terracotta is produced in Faenza using the artisanal knowledge of the area and and confirming its quality with a made in Italy label. The set is handmade using materials and techniques that allows them to be used in the oven for food preparation. Thanks to the craquelé effect, it becomes a beautiful centerpiece too.

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